Musings: Same Sex Marriage By Clara King

As you will have seen from my messages earlier this week, the motion to change the Marriage Canon to permit same sex marriages passed first reading at General Synod by a (narrow) 2/3 majority in all three Houses: the House of Laity, the House of Clergy and the House of Bishops.  It will only come into effect if it passes again in 2019.  We are awaiting a statement from Bishop Greg about these developments.

During this tumultuous time, we at St. George’s will stay focused on Paul’s vision of unity that he set before the early Church – that in Christ we are united with one another as brothers and sisters despite all the divisions that divide us.  While we have in our congregation those who are in favour and those who are opposed to same sex marriage, we also have members who are divided from one another according to other oppositions: political affiliation; race; class; education and income levels; perspectives on Scripture; those who are cradle Anglicans and those who are not; immigrants and born-and-bred Canadians.  You have not let those other divisions separate you from one another, so let us not now be divided!  Let us focus on growing in Christ-likeness, and learning to love each other as brothers and sisters, as one body in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Amen.

My two messages from earlier in the week can be found here and here.

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