Great News from the Annual Meeting on Sunday

By The Rev. Clara King,
Rector: St. George’s Anglican Church

Well friends, we did it. At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners on Sunday, we said “yes!” to revitalization and regrowth for St. George’s, and we took the first steps towards that future. We approved a calendar of events for 2017 that will have us spend essential time together on the essential questions, so we can build a plan that works for all of us. We adopted a budget and committed to an increased donation over last year of $1 per adult per month – with only this small increase from our parish, matched by the almost $60,000 investment from the Diocese, we have the money we need to put all our plans into action. We re-elected Karen Young and ‘Sola Adenekan as People’s Wardens for the next three years – they, along with Cindy Bogya and Doug Inman who agreed to carry on as Rector’s Wardens for these three years, already provide outstanding guidance, leadership and encouragement. Having their solid, wise leadership on Corporation during our revitalization is a huge gift! And we affirmed Marna Fenton, Barb Romain and Ron Standish as our new members of Parish Council, joining Bill Clayton, Francis Karamat and Kristin Reguly. Together with the Wardens, they will keep us grounded and rooted in the very best that St. George’s is, so that we’re growing a great future out of the best of the past. With grateful hearts, we said thank you to our retiring members of Parish Council who’ve served so faithfully over the past two years: Eve Marriott, Catherine Osadetz and Rhonda Shannon.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, here are the documents that give you the whole picture:

The Annual Report for 2016
2016 Financials: Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Sermon from Sunday – the “Rector’s Charge to Vestry”
The Rector’s oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (together the sermon and the presentation finish telling the “story” of what the vision is)
The Calendar of Events for 2017 (open to change as we go along)
2017 Budget:
Detailed Budget;
Supporting Notes
If you find yourself really excited about the great future we’re working for at St. George’s, and you’re itching to get involved (after all, we’ve been teasing you with details for months now!), there are a couple of opportunities to start right away:

  • For hands-on folks: We’ve got two parish workshops coming up this year that would really benefit from some event planners! We need to rent accessible space, get a caterer, find a licensed childcare provider, etc.
  • For readers: You could read You Are What You Love, by James K. A. Smith, which is the focus for our Lenten Study which begins on March 1. Reading the book is not a requirement for the Lenten Study, but it is a fabulous read!
  • For investigators and explorers: If you’re passionate about one of our four key areas (evangelism/invitation, welcoming newcomers, adult spiritual formation programming, or caring for the sick and shut-ins) – speak with me (Clara)! There are opportunities to begin exploring these areas straight away!

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